Testimonials – Placenta Encapsulation

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I have had fantastic energy levels, have lost 12kg in a week and my milk supply is ample, so consequently my little man is thriving! Also I managed to escape the day 3 “baby blues”, I 100% contribute these amazing results on the fact I am taking placenta capsules.  Fiona, first time mum, Tingalpa 

I’m so happy I had my placenta encapsulated the main thing I notice is energy levels, I’ve missed taking my capsules a few days and feel a lot more tired then the days I’m taking them. I will do it for every pregnancy!  Corinna, 2nd time mum, Sunshine Coast

Carla, I’m so pleased to have found you quite literally ‘moments’ before my planned c-section. It certainly was the best decision I made to assist in my recovery post partum. Thank you for making everything so easy and for providing such a service. These first 8 weeks have been easier on me (emotionally as well as physically) compared to my first and I know it’s down to the capsules providing me with a boost of needed energy…will miss them when they run out. Katie, 2nd time mum, Brisbane 

I am so glad I chose placenta encapsulation. My doctor described me as a ‘sitting duck’ for postnatal depression but I’ve had a really positive post-birth experience. I’ve got energy and great milk supply. Carla was great to deal with too! First time mum, Brisbane.

Fantastic speedy service, that went beyond expectations. Thank you!.  Bronwyn, 4th time mum, Brisbane

Thank you for your wonderful service. We found it so easy to arrange everything with you and it all went so smoothly and efficiently.  Kate, first time mum, Brisbane.

At first I wasn’t sure encapsulation was right for me and I umm’d and ahh’d about it for most of my pregnancy. When I voiced it to family/friends they were very quick to tell me not to. 1 week prior to my c section I just decided to do it and boy am I glad I did. I didn’t get any post natal blues which I had for several days with my first birth, I felt fantastic and my energy levels were awesome! I also found I was extremely calm in a few stressful situations. Carla was brilliant and I can only recommend her. Have been telling my friends and family all about her and the encapsulation and have even converted some pregnant friends!  Anna, second time mum, Brisbane

The service was exceptional and fast, I recieved my capsuals within 24hours of birth. I felt my energy levels were higher especially with a 3yr old to run around after also. I noticed I wasn’t as emotional as I normally am. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.  Melissa, second time mum, Caboolture. 

My recovery has been amazing. Bleeding has been minimal, energy levels good and mood seems to be stable. I’m no where near as emotional or anxious as I was with my first child.  However most importantly for me is the difference in my milk supply. I am so grateful for this as my bub has an upper lip tie and this accompanied with my previous breast surgery made breast feeding very difficult and extremely painful. This lead to to the decision again to pump for her as I did with my first child (she also has a tie). The difference between both times is huge! With my first child I only pumped for the first few months and total average pumped in 24hour period was 60ml max, this time I’m getting approx 1ltr per day which means we are not needing to supplement with formula. I now can see us having a long and successful pumping journey.  I am so grateful I found you and went ahead with the encapsulation. Your service was wonderful, great communication, very fast to collect placenta and drop off pills and the instructions were easy to follow ( important for sleep deprived mums).  Thanks again, Skye, second time mum, Brisbane.

I found my recovery much smoother (emotionally and mentally) and speedier (physically) this time around. I had more energy, I coped much better with fatigue and didn’t get as physically run down as I did previously.  I didn’t have my placenta encapsulated with my first child as the service wasn’t available where we were living at the time.  I had huge problems with milk supply with my first, and while I still had to mix feed my son I had a better supply this time around and managed to maintain breast feeding for twice as long.  Your service was excellent and so very prompt, I have and will continue to recommend your service to others.  Taryn, second time mum, Brisbane.  

Super impressed with the service from Trudy and Carla. All my questions were answered promptly leading up to the birth of my son and my placenta was collected within 60 min of getting back to my room. I’m excited to give encapsulation a try. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these ladies ♡  Thank you Trudy!!  Jess, third time mum, Bellmere

Service was fantastic! Trudy arrived hours after the birth and I had my capsules delivered the next day at home. I have a history of postpartum depression with my previous children but this time I took the capsules and didn’t even experience the baby blues! I also had quite a significant hemorrhage after the birth and have recovered amazingly well. Would not hesitate to recommend placenta encapsulation!  Lyndal, 3rd time mum, Caboolture. 

I found using the capsules to be ultra beneficial! I seemed to bounce back quickly and felt more like myself before I knew it. I would (and have) without a doubt recommend Carla.  Brittany, 1st time mum, Brisbane.

I keep telling myself I am tired as I am so sleep deprived but when I think about it I am feeling just fine – the encapsulated placenta must be the difference as it’s the main change this time around.  Belinda, 2nd time mum, Brisbane.

Thank you Carla for the great service provided!  Stephanie, 2nd time mum, Brisbane. 

Encapsulating my placenta is definitely something I would do again!  Maddie, 1st time mum, Brisbane. 

My post natal recovery was amazing! Shannon, 2nd time mum, Brisbane. 

I would recommend Carla and her placenta encapsulation to anyone considering it. The service I received was great and the placenta pills themselves did great for my energy levels. I wish I had of done this with my first baby!  Belinda, 2nd time mum, Brisbane. 

I’ve had PPD with both my first two births, so decided to give placenta encapsulation a try this time round! I am amazed, no PPD and not even baby blues at the start. I felt happy and lots of energy for the first time ever after giving birth. I wish they would last forever!  3rd time mum, Sunshine Coast. 

Excellent service, I have been telling anyone that will listen about placenta encapsulation. I think hospitals should offer this service or at least have information on it. Its hard to explain the benefits so I will explain what I do on a weekly basis. Gym 5xdays a week, have loads of energy left over for playing with my busy 3yr old. The house is clean and I’m energetic and happy. Im a normal mom, no family in Australia and my partner works away. I got this though!! thanks to my placenta pills. I have missed a day here or there and I don’t fall flat on my face I’m just not as calm/relaxed. Can’t thank Trudy enough for her amazing customer service. Forever grateful.  2nd time mum, Sunshine Coast.