Placenta Encapsulation – Brisbane

Thank you for your wonderful service. We found it so easy to arrange everything with you and it all went so smoothly and efficiently.  Kate, first time mum, Brisbane.

Placenta encapsulation involves carefully preparing the placenta after birth according to the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) or Raw Method.  In both methods the placenta is prepared, dehydrated and ground to a fine powder before being placed into capsules and returned to the mother after birth to take as a supplement.  We offer this service as well as Placenta Tincture, Homeopathic Remedy and Placenta Prints to mums in and around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Why choose me?

You only have one opportunity to have your placenta encapsulated safely and correctly, so choosing a provider who is both trained and experienced is a must.  I have been encapsulating in Brisbane for over 5 years, have personal experience of encapsulation, am a verified member of Placenta Services Australia and I hold the following qualifications:

  • IPEN trained and Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
  • Certificate in Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulators
  • SITZFSA101 Food Handlers – Hygiene Practices for Food Safety Certificate


$300  – Deliver to us (Nundah) and receive your capsules via Express Registered Post

$320 – I collect your placenta from your home and you receive your capsules via Express Registered Post

$340 – I collect your placenta from hospital and you receive your capsules via Express Registered Post

Capsules are delivered via Australia Post Express Registered Post, guaranteed overnight delivery (Metro Area) with Tracking and Signature on Delivery unless you request personal hand delivery (additional $20).

Hospitals covered: RBWH, North West, Mater Sth Brisbane, Wesley, Greenslopes*

*If you live a great distance from our pick up hospitals or your hospital is not listed above, we may charge additional travel fees, please contact us to discuss.

Included in all encapsulation packages:

Raw Method Preparation

Umbilical cord keepsake

Choice of clear vegetable capsules or berry flavoured & coloured gelatin capsules

Digital photos of your placenta sent to your email (on request)


TCM Preparation $10

Half Raw Half TCM Preparation $20

Personal delivery to your home or hospital $20

Placenta Tincture 25 ml dropper $50

Placental Homeopathic Remedy, 25ml pillules   $100

Placenta Tincture and Placental Homeopathic Remedy  $140

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The placenta must be refrigerated/chilled within 1-2 hours of birth.  We aim to collect your placenta within 10 hours of birth (in most cases it is much sooner) and deliver your capsules within 48 hours of collection.  Placenta Tinctures and Homeopathic Remedies are delivered or sent registered post 6 weeks after birth.

All placentas are different but on average a smaller placenta would produce around 80 capsules, a larger placenta up to 200 or more.



At first I wasn’t sure encapsulation was right for me and I umm’d and ahh’d about it for most of my pregnancy. When I voiced it to family/friends they were very quick to tell me not to. 1 week prior to my c section I just decided to do it and boy am I glad I did. I didn’t get any post natal blues which I had for several days with my first birth, I felt fantastic and my energy levels were awesome! I also found I was extremely calm in a few stressful situations. Carla was brilliant and I can only recommend her. Have been telling my friends and family all about her and the encapsulation and have even converted some pregnant friends!  Anna, second time mum, Brisbane

Carla, I’m so pleased to have found you quite literally ‘moments’ before my planned c-section. It certainly was the best decision I made to assist in my recovery post partum. Thank you for making everything so easy and for providing such a service. These first 8 weeks have been easier on me (emotionally as well as physically) compared to my first and I know it’s down to the capsules providing me with a boost of needed energy…will miss them when they run out. Katie, 2nd time mum, Brisbane 

My recovery has been amazing. Bleeding has been minimal, energy levels good and mood seems to be stable. I’m no where near as emotional or anxious as I was with my first child.

However most importantly for me is the difference in my milk supply. I am so grateful for this as my bub has an upper lip tie and this accompanied with my previous breast surgery made breast feeding very difficult and extremely painful. This lead to to the decision again to pump for her as I did with my first child (she also has a tie). The difference between both times is huge! With my first child I only pumped for the first few months and total average pumped in 24hour period was 60ml max, this time I’m getting approx 1ltr per day which means we are not needing to supplement with formula. I now can see us having a long and successful pumping journey.

I am so grateful I found you and went ahead with the encapsulation. Your service was wonderful, great communication, very fast to collect placenta and drop off pills and the instructions were easy to follow (important for sleep deprived mums).  Thanks again, Skye, second time mum, Brisbane.



The services and products we offer are not clinical or pharmaceutical in nature and have not been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.  As non-medical professionals, we have no authority to offer medical advice regarding prevention, treatment or diagnosis of illness or symptoms. By using these services and products you acknowledge that you understand the risks and benefits of placenta encapsulation, tincture and homeopathic remedies based on your own research and belief of the placenta’s healing and nutritional properties.