The Labyrinth of Birth

birth-laborinthWhen my midwives Josie and Mary started talking about The Labyrinth of Birth I was immediately intrigued.  I’d never heard of one before and hadn’t done anything like it when I was pregnant with my first child.  With my second child, I really wanted a home birth so was working towards that when I did my Labyrinth (pictured).  I’d done so much art when I was younger but very few pieces since I’d had my children… actually none since then at all. [Read more…]

10 Questions to ask your Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

pe-with-log10 Questions to ask your Placenta Encapsulation Provider before you book their services

You really only have one chance to get your placenta encapsulated safely, so here is a quick list of 10 questions to ask before booking in with a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. You should be able to find this information fairly easily on their website so if you can’t, that would be a good reason to ask outright.



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10 Reasons why HypnoBirthing International is the best HypnoBirthing Australia course

The HypnoBirthing International Program Gets the Thumbs Up from Australian Families as the BEST HypnoBirthing and Premium Childbirth Program on Offer.

by Anthea Thomas, reproduced here with permission

When choosing an antenatal class for the birth of your baby, you want to be sure that you are getting the very best in education and preparation. The HypnoBirthing International (Mongan Method) program here in Australia offers a professional and comprehensive program that meets Australian Educational Standards and continually adapts to reflect the Australian Maternity Models of Care.

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Testimonials – Placenta Encapsulation

PE new


I have had fantastic energy levels, have lost 12kg in a week and my milk supply is ample, so consequently my little man is thriving! Also I managed to escape the day 3 “baby blues”, I 100% contribute these amazing results on the fact I am taking placenta capsules.  Fiona, first time mum, Tingalpa 

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Umbilical Cord Burning

cordburningIf you google it, you’ll find a few articles touting umbilical cord burning as the new trend for crunchy mums but it’s actually an age-old tradition and practice, one that hasn’t yet been lost.

In 2004 when the devastating earthquake and Tsunami hit Aceh in Indonesia, midwives were trained and taught to burn the umbilical cords of babies. They had no medical instruments left and no way to sterilize what they did have so umbilical cord burning was used to detach the baby from the cord and also prevented newborns dying from tetanus caused from cords being cut with rusty or unsterilized scissors.  [Read more…]

A home HypnoBirth

Carla.120I kept telling my husband not to call our midwife, not yet, thinking I might be a long way off…

But I was already in the zone and was actually very close to transition but of course I didn’t know that at the time.   He didn’t listen to me anyway and snuck off when I was on the loo to call her.  Despite his sneaky move, she didn’t make it for the birth.

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HypnoMothering Workshops

milan marriot 150 x 195We have been offering HypnoMotheringsince its inception over a year ago.

HypnoMothering is a 2½ hour practical workshop for:

Mums to be, new mums with bubs or mums with toddlers

HypnoMothering was developed by two hypnotherapists, each a mother of twins and is a fun, practical workshop that teaches mothers easy and fast self-hypnosis techniques to:

make the most of limited sleep or broken sleep cycles
keep calm and balanced on challenging or stressful days or situations
find focus and mindfulness amidst the myriad of feelings that mothers face.

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HypnoBirthing® … empowering men at birth

Carla.106All the men I come across in my work come to HypnoBirthing® because they want to support their partners during birth. They want to be active and participate in the birth experience and not, as one dad put it, be the Don Draper in Mad Men drinking scotch in the waiting room with other dads-to-be. [Read more…]

Interview with a Doula

Tina ZiegenfuszAs a Childbirth Educator, I strongly encourage all my clients to consider having a doula at their birth.  I have met parents who regret not having had a doula at their birth but I’ve never encountered parents who regret having one, they have all said their doula was invaluable and instrumental in helping them achieve their best birth possible.

Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with Tina Ziegenfusz (pictured) from Birthright Doula Services and I asked her all the questions you might want to ask a doula.  Here’s what she had to say:  [Read more…]

Delayed cord clamping, you can’t not.

about-meIf you’re planning for birth, delayed cord clamping is something you should know about.

In most hospitals across Australia immediate cord clamping is common practice and standard procedure in the 3rd stage of birth.   That is, as soon as the baby is born, a clamp is placed across the umbilical cord to stop the blood flow from placenta to baby and the cord is then cut [Read more…]