Preparing your dog for your newborn

essandsaxBefore baby arrives

1. Make changes to your dog’s environment now

If you are planning to move where your dog sleeps, eats, rests or hangs out don’t wait until your baby arrives as your pet may associate this (potentially unwanted) change with the arrival of their new sibling. [Read more…]

I love them so darned much it’s freakin me out… by Nicole Mathieson


Nicole Mathieson is a kinesiologist and coach who takes women back to the light of who they are. Reconnecting them to their own source of love and support. They find the space to recognise their beauty, their yearnings, and their gifts. Free to radiate their joy to the world.

Open Heart Living


From the moment the 2 cells merged and become one, expanding in my belly, I am gone! So in love with this little being inside me. I am like a giddy newlywed. I love with every cell of my being.
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Inspired Birth

Carla.124This mother’s birth inspired me.

For many parents their first birth does not unfold as they envisioned it would. Even with the best intentions, some parents look back on their birth experience feeling disappointed, wondering why or wondering what they could have done differently in order to have the birth they had hoped for themselves and their baby.

For many women and their partners, it’s this very real disappointment in their first birth experience that encourages them to do all they can to ensure their second or subsequent birth experience is one of positivity and calmness; is an empowered birth, is their ideal birth.

This mum recently gave birth to her second daughter with a very different birth experience from her first. Below is a candid interview on how she achieved her version of the ideal birth.

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The 5 ‘S’ approach to calming your newborn

Carla.122A great number of newborns become unsettled, particularly in the late afternoon or early evening when they are perhaps overtired or over stimulated from the day’s activity.   Most newborns are unsettled, some suffer from Colic.  The difference between the two is that you should be able to calm an unsettled baby relatively easily and quickly (especially if you use the techniques below).  [Read more…]

Relaxation during pregnancy…how and why

IMG_1730Most pregnant mums are so busy either working right up until their maternity leave kicks in and/or running a household chasing after older children that finding the time to take a breath can be challenging in itself, let alone taking the time out to really relax.
But relax is what you need to do.  Here’s the how and the why of it:
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What’s with the Gold Seal?


HB-Gold-SealThe Gold Standard of HypnoBirthing®

Demand the original…expect the best!

HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method is a simple, straightforward childbirth education program with over 25 years of proven results and many, many success stories.

This year The HypnoBirthing® Institute introduced the Gold Seal for all Mongan Method Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioners. [Read more…]

pass on the puree

Some babies transition easily from fruit and vegetable purees to meat and vegie mash and will contentedly open their mouths and let you shovel it all in.  But if your babies are anything like mine and refuse to eat from a spoon or prefer doing everything for themselves, just bypass the purees and start on finger foods or family foods (baby-led weaning).   [Read more…]

HypnoBirthing…the new buzz word around birth

Childbirth+Without+FearHypnoBirthing has been in the news a lot lately, largely thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton who is said to be using HypnoBirthing for her upcoming birth.

This insight into the impending royal birth has a lot of people around the world questioning what HypnoBirthing is but it isn’t such a new concept for the Palace.  In fact, it makes sense that Kate should choose this method considering the Queen’s own birthing history.  [Read more…]

HypnoBirthing® for Cesarean Birth


Can HypnoBirthing® be beneficial to someone who has special circumstances or who must have a C-section?

Yes – HypnoBirthing® Is Beneficial to Mums Who Must Have A C-section.

The following article, written by Sharon Gourlay of Sacred Beginning, Ohio, describes her experiences with HypnoBirthing® techniques and how they helped her through her two pregnancies and cesarean births. [Read more…]

5 tips for treating colic in newborns

DSC01699The difficulty with colic comes with knowing whether your new baby is just unsettled or is actually suffering from colic. If you are unsure which it is you should seek advice from your medical professional, midwife or natural therapist qualified to diagnose and treat colic. [Read more…]